Favorite Word

Evil Spock

Doppelgänger might just be my favorite word ever. I’m always looking for excuses to work it into conversation. This is no small feat, mind you. In order to say it, you not only need to know what it means, but you usually need to have seen one.

Not sure what a doppelgänger is? Here’s what Dictionary.app has to say about it:
Dictionary.app Doppelganger
But, according to Wikipedia, it has also come to mean “any double or look-alike of a person.”

So, why am I so crazy about this word? I’ll sum it up in three reasons:

  • Quite simply, I like the way it sounds.
  • You know the two little dots (¨) above the ‘a’? They’re called an umlaut. Everything rocks a little bit harder with an umlaut—just ask Motörhead, Hüsker Dü, or Mötley Crüe,
  • Finally, because doppelgängers themselves are cool, they can be a fun story–telling device. Mario has Wario. Mr. Spock, Cartman, and Bender each have their very own “evil twin” complete with a warped sense of reality and the requisite goatee. Superman has Bizarro, and Jerry Seinfeld has wait for it) Bizarro Jerry

Now you know my favorite word. If we ever have a conversation and I use it, know that I am enjoying it and that I took great pains to work it into the discussion.

What’s your favorite word? Why? Sound off in the comments below.