Gone, but Not Forgotten

You Are Not Forgotten
Sorry, I’ve been MIA from the blogosphere for the last couple of months. Instead of making a lot of excuses about why I haven’t written anything lately, I’ll only make two excuses.

New Baby

Baby Lexie

In December, we were joined by little Lexie Grace. It’s amazing how she instantly became such an integral part of our lives. Besides keeping us up most nights she continues to make us laugh and bring us closer together.

The transition from being the parents of two children to three has not been without its challenges. As parents, Lynette and I are now outnumbered and we have felt it. At least we’re still faster than they are.

Big Move

The Merlion

One month after Lexie was born we moved 13,000 miles from Singapore back to Houston. This was a much bigger shock to us than we had anticipated. Even now that we are mostly moved in we still can’t get our cars in the garage for all the junk we’ve accumulated over the years. Thank goodness for garage sales!

While we miss our home and our friends in Singapore we are excited to begin this new phase of our life. Hopefully I’ll soon return to active blogging duty and there’ll be many more posts to follow.