It’s a Secret to Everybody

It's a Secret to Everybody.

In the classic adventure RPG the Legend of Zelda, the hero, Link, is encouraged to explore the world in search of treasure to aid him in his quest.

In his wanderings, no stone (or tombstone for that matter) lies unturned, no tree unburned, and no wall unbombed (is that even a word?).

When he sees those five magic words, “It’s a Secret to Everybody” Link is rewarded instantly with what have taken a seeming lifetime (in videogame time) to accumulate.

In real life, if this were the way you roamed the world you’d leave behind yourself a string of civil and criminal lawsuits instead of bags full of rupees.

However, demolition and arson aside, a great lesson can be learned from Link. We live in an amazing world with so many wondrous places to go and sights to see. It’s possible to stay on the marked path and still win the game.

But then you’d miss out on sights like this,

La Portada

and this,

Valle de la Luna

and this,

Private Beach, JW Marriott

and this,

Chalang Big Buddha

and this.

Phi Phi Islands

Where have your wanderings led you? Where do you still want to go?


2 thoughts on “It’s a Secret to Everybody

  1. Mr. Bone

    That’s pretty philosophical of you, Ammon. Kind of a “Things I learned from life, I learned from the original NES masterpieces.”

    Of all the places in the world, I think I’d most like to go to London. From the Beatles to Jack the Ripper, Oscar Wilde to the Tate Gallery or Tower of London, a city of so much history and beauty it seems magical.

    Or any of those places in the pictures you showed.

    They remind me of what someone on my mission told me of a beautiful day, “God’s just showing off again.”

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