Not-So Smart Cars

Why is it that they’re called Smart Cars

Blue smart-car
Image courtesy of Ed Yourdon on flickr

… but everyone who drives one looks like a complete moron?

Would the Internet care to respond?


6 thoughts on “Not-So Smart Cars

  1. sartenada

    In 1999 I was in a car accident and after that I have been “smart enough” to get a bigger car. My car was scrapped completely, but me and my wife are in life and in good health.

    So now the question is: Are those people smart enough, when having Smart? Is it really safe, if it is hit by bigger car??? I do not have answer, but I am always thinking this problem due to my accident.

  2. smart142

    Maybe the morons are the ones NOT driving a smart car.
    The majority of the cars out on the road only have one person in it. Why not downsize and become more responsible?

    In Canada the majority of the owners are mature adults.
    In Paris the majority of the owners are chic women.
    In the USA they are still in love with their gas guzzling SUV’s and pickups.

    As for safety, check out the stories at and

  3. sartenada

    Hi smart142.

    You said: “Maybe the morons are the ones NOT driving a smart car.”

    Okay, then I am, so what. Big cars are safe, that is true, it is fact. My collision with huge ambulance was not caused by me, but by ambulance. I won ambulance company in court. When in collision, I could go to work after few days, but my wife was injured for one month. We had luck.

    I am 66 years old and have been driving since 1972 about 1 200 000 kilometers or 745 645 miles.

    I like my car, it is German made and high quality. I like drive fast, but only then when I am in Germany where there are no speed limits. Think no speed limits!!! What a joy to drive!

    Here are photos from my car:

    Here in Germany I drive fast or nearly:

    So, I say due to my experience of car collision, that You can keep Your opinion and I keep mine. We are even.

    Safe miles or safe kilometers depending where You live. Anyway, Happy driving with Smart!

  4. Ammon Post author

    I have no problem with fuel efficient vehicles (mine gets 30-40 mph), but as long as they look like the so-called Smart Cars their drivers will look like goobers.

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