The Car of Indecision

1964 Chevrolet El Camino

Image via Wikipedia

Behold the mighty Chevy El Camino!

Truly, this is the Car of Indecision. Is it a car? Is it a station wagon? Is it a pickup truck? No one knows and it can’t seem to make up its mind.

You inspired the abomination known as the Subaru Brat. All quake and tremble in your majesty!

Chevy El Camino parked on street in Bywater section of New Orleans

Image courtesy of WikiMedia Commons

Pound for pound, nothing exudes redneckedness (is that a word?) quite like one of these bad boys. Except maybe Joe Dirt’s mullet or an eight-track of Waylon Jenning’s Greatest Hits.

Red and Black Chevrolet El Camino

Image courtesy of WikiMedia Commons

What do you think about the El Camino? Love it? Hate it? Sound off in the comments below.


5 thoughts on “The Car of Indecision

  1. AustinDM

    El Camino is the only car that can have an “SS” in front and still not be cool.

    El Camino makes me think of the worst white trash available, no offense to any trash El Camino owners out there.

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