Asia’s Hot Flavour

Dear Heinz:

For over 100 years we Americans have been enjoying your ketchup and it has been our go-to condiment of choice. So, why are you withholding from us your tastiest creation ever?

Why, oh why?

Why can’t I buy Chilli Sauce in the US?

Heinz Chilli Sauce

Best Hot Sauce Ever

I got hooked on your deliciously sweet and spicy Chilli Sauce while living in Singapore where the stuff was darn near ubiquitous.

I found that nearly every food can be improved by dipping or smothering it in this amazing stuff. Everything from burgers and fries to gyoza and steamed rice can be kicked up a notch by a adding a generous helping from the bottle with the yellow and green label.

Everywhere from hawker centres, to McDonalds, and even Outback Steak House all serve the sauce proudly in Singapore. And local grocery stores FairPrice, Carrefour, and Cold Storage all have it available for purchase. Sadly, none of them will ship internationally.

I’ve checked, eBay, Amazon, Google and can’t find anyone in the States who sells the stuff.

So, I’m sending my plea out via cyberspace.

Attention Heinz: Sell your Chilli Sauce in the US.  If you sell it here all of your wildest dreams will come true … and you will make a fortune.

Is there anyone else out there with a hankering for Heinz Chilli Sauce? What are you craving that you can’t get in the US (or wherever you live)? Sound off in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Asia’s Hot Flavour

  1. AustinDM

    I think you made this all up, I thought google had everything!

    Crazy. Good luck finding your beloved chilli sauce.

    I’m going to type “google” into google just to mess em up.

  2. kerri ostergard

    This can’t be coincidence..the first time I read your blog in ages & it’s one of the most important posts! We also fell in love with the Heinz Chili Sauce. We understand your pain. We will continue our quest for it’s deliciousness!

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