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Fraggle Rock

Shortly before we moved to Chilé, I picked up a couple of Fraggle Rock DVDs from the bargain bin at Walmart for the kids. I was pleased to learn that they enjoyed the stories, songs, and silliness as much as I had when I was their age.

I got a huge kick out of seeing the old Apple computers in the background—these were same kind of computers I used to play Oregon Trail and Carmen San Diego on. So, I grabbed a couple of screenshots to share.

Back of Apple

See the old Apple logo on the back of the display?

I remember that in an interview with series creator, Jim Henson, he described the program as the “happiest show” he ever created.

Apple with Two Floppy Drives

Apple with dual external floppy drives

I’m convinced that this was at least partially due to the fact that they were using Apples. One can almost hear the jubilant expressions over the complete absence of MS-DOS based operating systems and drab IBM clones.

Do you remember Fraggle Rock or old Apple Computers? Share a favorite memory of either one (or both) in the comments below.


6 thoughts on “Fraggle Mac

  1. Ammon Post author

    They were all fun, but what was so great about Uncle Traveling Matt? I much preferred his nephew, Gobo. He was much more relatable as the universal “every-fraggle”.

  2. AustinDM

    Leave it to you to respond to my thinly veiled compliment with a thinly veiled insult.

    It’s not that I hang on your every word, just the good ones. The more you post, the more likely you’ll be to have some. 😉

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