Cutting Out Cable

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We’re finally doing it. This is the week we cancel our cable TV and take the plunge—making the switch to all streaming media.

Instead of shelling out $60 a month for cable, we’re switching to Netflix at $9.99 a month (for unlimited streaming and DVDs) and Hulu Plus at $7.99 on a Roku streaming media player.

This wasn’t a decision we arrived at lightly, but I think we’re going to be happy with our viewing options and with the extra cash in the bank each month.

Have you made the switch from cable to streaming media? Do you have any tips for someone new to the process? Sound off in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “Cutting Out Cable

  1. K

    Good for you! I’m living in Japan at the moment, so I’m basically surviving on streaming media from the US–it works surprisingly well. I tend to use a combination of Netflix, Hulu (free), and Amazon Video on Demand. When I move back in a year or so, I am going to seriously consider getting a Roku player. But I still like cable for being able to browse the latest offerings–especially when paired with a DVR, it’s really convenient!

    Good luck!

  2. AustinDM

    We don’t have cable, but it was less our decision and more our HOA finding new ways to screw us over. But, with Netflix streaming we don’t really care/notice, we’re loving it.

  3. Theresa

    We did it quite a while ago! I never watched much tv but between my husband & 5 kids I thought it would be a problem but not at all. We have Netflix, use Hulu (free) and very occasionally rent from Redbox. At the same time we also got rid of our land line phone, cutting back a monthly bill of $200 (phone, cable, internet) to just under $80. Good luck!

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