The Great Streaming Media Experiment of 2011

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It’s been nearly two weeks since we cut out the cable and I couldn’t be happier.

Truth be told, our kids were pretty apprehensive about the whole thing. They wanted to know why we were “getting rid of the television.”

Since the switch, however, I haven’t heard them once grumble or complain about either the selection or the quality of programming available to them.

In full disclosure I must say that we’ve had intermittent connectivity issues with Hulu Plus, so much so that I actually phoned in to their tech support line.

Imagine my surprise when my call was answered after only one ring! And not by an automated voice response program, but by an actual human being!

He listened to my issue, acknowledged that they were aware of similar problems which other users had faced. He offered to comp us a free week of service for our troubles.

Hulu’s stellar customer service will go a long way towards me forgiving technical glitches. I’m much more willing to put up with a few hiccups while the technology matures due to their patron friendly attitude.


2 thoughts on “The Great Streaming Media Experiment of 2011

  1. AustinDM

    We only have network tv that we never watch and netflix. The only thing that I’ve noticed we don’t have is knowledge of what’s playing in the movie theaters. But we don’t go to the movies anyway.

    Go go Hulu plus customer service. glad you’re liking the switch.

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