Superheroes Can Be Jerks

Superheroes can be such jerks! When they’re not busy saving their city, the Earth, or the entire cosmos they’ve proven time and time again to be mean spirited, petty, and immature.

The other day I was over at my parents’ house and stumbled onto a few boxes of old comics. As I scanned the boxes for something I could give my five year old I came across these gems which illustrate my point perfectly.

Cover of Green Lantern v2 #099

Green Lantern Sucker Punch
Image via my flickr.

Why is Green Lantern beating up his bestest pal, Green Arrow? More importantly, if the fight is finished why is he still punching him? It’s because he’s a jerk.

Cover of Iron Man v1 #169

Iron Wimp
Image via my flickr.

Tony Stark is drunk. Again. And he’s getting his butt handed to him. Again. So, what does he do? He asks for you to take over for him. Why? It’s because he’s a jerk.

Cover of Flash v1 #282

Flash Is a Jerk
Image via my flickr.

The Flash is acting kind of touchy—keeping Green Lantern at arms length, not wanting him to get too close. Old GL’s not even fighting back against the Scarlet Speedster’s barrage of physical and verbal assaults. Why is the Flash adding insult to injury? It’s because he’s a jerk.

Bonus: Cover of Batman v1 #002

Batman Is a Jerk
Image via my flickr.

Seriously, Batman, the old push a bad guy into your sidekick who is on the ground to make him trip!?!? What would inspire Batman to use this junior high humiliation tactic when he could just as easily have incapacitated the baddie with a batarang, bat-lasso, or similar gadget from his utility belt? Say it with me now—It’s because he’s a jerk.

What’s the jerkiest thing you’ve ever seen a superhero do? Sound off in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “Superheroes Can Be Jerks

  1. Ammon Post author

    Wow, Yellow Jacket was definitely a jerk!

    But, sorry Cykes left his family during Inferno, not Dark Phoenix. He’s proven himself to be a tool on multiple occasions, so I’ll overlook that gaffe.

  2. The Hook

    Great post, but go easy on GL and the rest, okay? It’s not easy running around in tights and saving an ungrateful world. How are you supposed to fight chafing AND the pressures of modern society?

    1. Ammon Post author

      Maybe I’m guilty of simply judging a book by its cover. I know, it’s a pun. You’re allowed to groan.

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