How Long Will We Wait for the Wonder Twins Movie?

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Superhero movies have been box office gold in recent years. 2011 looks to be no different—later this year we’ll be treated to flicks based on Thor, Green Lantern, and Captain America.

One thing these movies all have in common is that they are all based on big name comic book titles. However, sooner or later, we’re going to run out of A-list comic characters and when that happens expect to see some real stinkers get released.

That’s when I predict we’ll finally get a movie featuring the Wonder Twins, the plucky alien twins with the blue monkey sidekick.

Their costumes were just as lame as their powers. Jayna (the girl) could turn into any animal and Zan (the boy) could turn into any form of H2O. This typically meant that whenever the Legion of Doom tried to take over the world (again) Jayna would turn into a pelican and Zan would turn into water and fill up her beak or something similar.

How this was supposed to fight evil, I’ll never understand.

Wonder Twins Powers--Activate (Flare Edit)
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The Wonder Twins originated on DC Comics‘ cartoon series the Super Friends. which spawned all sorts of racist comic creations (hey, it was the 70s) including Black Vulcan, Apache Chief, El Dorado, and Samurai.

When the inevitable comic book movie race to the bottom occurs, I’m sure the Twins will be joined by their fellow Super Friends.

Which comic book characters do you think would make for the lousiest movies? Sound off in the comments below.


6 thoughts on “How Long Will We Wait for the Wonder Twins Movie?

  1. Ammon Post author

    @Simon, wow! A Howard the Duck reboot would be absolutely craptacular. You know there’s some Hollywood hotshot dying to get the greenlight on that one.

    @Austin, way to go with obscure Legion of Super-Heroes references! You could make bad movies for years based on on LoSH characters before running out of D-list heroes.

  2. The Hook

    My daughter LOVES the Twins, but don’t hold your breath for a big-screen debut. Smallville was their one shot at modern glory, I think.

    1. Ammon Post author

      I never got into Smallville. That’s crazy that the twins made an appearance. Did they use their powers? Did they have Gleek, the blue space monkey?

  3. Hana Alireza

    (shock!) How dare you relegate the Twins to the B-list ! LOL. My mother says I used to run around the house grabbing my little brother’s arm away from whatever he was doing, yank it up in the air and shout “Wonder Twin Powerzzzz…Acticrate!”. Recently I found an episode on You Tube and played it for my 5 year old daughter, prefacing it with a build-up about how much I used to love this cartoon, etc. She was not even remotely entertained…..and I actually have to confess….it was pretty bad. 🙂

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