If You Read My Blog . . .

I’d like to give a huge welcome to everyone who’s come to slightly insightful courtesy of WordPress.com‘s Freshly Pressed.

It seems like just this week (it was) that I was saying how my goal was to get on Freshly Pressed and now it’s happened.

They promoted my post Do Giant Inflatable Animals Increase Car Sales? yesterday and now I’m at all time highs for page views and comments.

Pedro Sánchez
Image via my flickr.

Now that you’ve visited slightly insightful I really hope you come back for more.

Remember, just like Pedro Sánchez says, “if you read my blog all of your wildest dreams will come true.”


6 thoughts on “If You Read My Blog . . .

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  2. Ammon Post author

    Hey, I can’t promise that if you read my blog you’ll be taller, smarter, and instantly more attractive, but you probably will be.

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