The Smartest Thing I’ve Heard This Week

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Yesterday’s Daily Post idea was to share the “smartest thing [I’ve] heard this week.” My inspiration came from my boss.

I’m quite fortunate to have a boss of the non-pointy-haired variety. He actually gets IT (which is a plus) and is easy to work with.

We’ve been up in Searcy, Arkansas a lot lately and one night this past week we were on our way to dinner when we made a wrong turn and went way too far into the adjacent parking lot. A curb divided us from our destination.

Common courtesy dictated that we drive around the lot, head back to the main road, and then double back to turn into the correct parking lot.

My boss powered on over the curb instead in our little, borrowed Toyota. He turned to me and said the following.

“Rental car equals four wheel drive.”

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I was struck by the humor and insight of that comment. One is all too willing to do things in a rental car that one would not do in their own. Not the most elegant solution to be true, but certainly the most pragmatic given our situation.

What the smartest thing you’ve heard (or said) this week? Sound off in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “The Smartest Thing I’ve Heard This Week

  1. Mark

    The way I’ve always heard it is, Q: “What’s the difference between a rental car and a four-wheel drive?” A: “A rental car CAN go anywere”

  2. Ammon Post author

    @Lynette, Wes was right on so many levels.

    @AustinDM, well look at you classing up slightly insightful with your TED talks reference. I’ll have to check that one out. Thanks for sharing.

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