T-Shirt at the Pool

I’ve got a secret for you. No one cares what you look like in a swimsuit more than you do.

And that wet T-shirt clinging to your gut like a second layer of skin only serves to accentuate (i.e.: totally draws attention to) that gut you’re so desperate to hide.

Take a page from the book of Mister Morbidly Obese and Still Wearing a Speedo (that’s a Roger Hargreaves story that should have been written)—be confident in your own skin—it’s summer, just have fun.

No one at the pool (or beach, or anywhere else for that matter) is checking you out. We’re all too busy sucking in our own guts to notice.

Have you ever worn a T-shirt at the pool (if so, please stop)? Why? Why not? Sound off in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “T-Shirt at the Pool

  1. AustinDM

    I have because of body hair and not wanting to get burned but also not wanting to put sunscreen on my chest shoulders and back.

    And of course there’s the impromptu pool jump/throw. But I agree. Everyone is their own worst critic after all and that goes for body image as well.

    Although, if you’re wearing a swimsuit with the backside of it worn so thin it’s transparent, it might be a good idea to wear a t-shirt or shorts or something. 😉

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