Nick Jr. Predicts Cowboys & Aliens

Gary Larson provided the original concept and Clarissa explained it all, but did you know that Nick Jr.’s plucky, young anthropomorphic quintet may have also inspired the Cowboys and Aliens movie***?

Backyardigans - Cowboys & Aliens
Image via my flickr.

Way back in The Backyardigans episode Ranch Hands From Outer Space (Season 3, Episode 14 for anyone who cares) a cowgirl hippo meets up with an alien penguin and pink bug-thing.

Spoiler Alert!

Sadly, there is no shooting of UFOs in this episode. After a series of comedic mishaps the Cowboy (yellow hippo) and Aliens (blue penguin and pink bug-thing) sing, dance, and have a snack.

Singing Dancing Cowboys and Aliens
Image via my flickr.

If, like me, you have kids between the ages of 1 and 8 (or if you’re really weird) you may have seen this episode before. If not, don’t worry. Nick Jr. has the annoying habit of playing the same episode of a show every day for weeks on end—it’ll turn up eventually. For the impatient types, go to Netflix and you can even stream it on demand.

Have you noticed the recent trend of ripping off resurrecting old ideas for TV shows and movies? Which ones in particular have caught your attention? Sound off in the comments below.

***Props to Lynette for bringing this one to my attention!


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  1. Austindm

    M. Night Shyamalan ripped off/ was inspired by 2 Nickelodeon Shows. An episode of “Are you Afraid of the Dark” became “The Sixth Sense” and “Avatar the Last Airbender” became “the Last Airbender.”

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