Dump Truck Days

This week I went to the New Mexico Coal mines to learn about their driver safety systems for work. Located in New Mexico within and around the Navajo Nation, the mines are a teaming with dump trucks.

Dump Truck Crossing (Just Nice)

One of the best toys I ever had as a boy was my Steel Tonka Dump Truck. It was big, heavy, and made the sandbox much more fun than normal.

While I wasn’t out at the mine to check out the trucks, seeing them in action brought back memories from when my favorite toy didn’t need to be recharged or require Internet access.

Trucks All in a Row (Birdsky)

Dump Truck Closeup (Treasured)

Heading Back from the Plant (Green with Envy)

Loading the Dump Truck 1 (This Is My Boom)

Loading the Dump Truck 2 (Hint of Vintage)

Loading the Dump Truck 3 (Zen)

What have you seen lately that brought back childhood memories? Sound off in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Dump Truck Days

  1. Touch2Touch

    Your big trucks remind me of my son’s Tonka trucks — and my son is 44 now!!!!
    (But Tonkas are still Tonkas, I hope, and trucks are still trucks.)
    Fun post!

    1. Ammon Post author

      It seems like for several years they stopped making the steel Tonka trucks and everything went to plastic. I checked Amazon the other day and it looks like they’re back though. Much, much cooler.

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