A Very Special Christmas PSA from Johnny Cash

The Johnny Cash Christmas Collection

“Remember kids, it’s not cool to kill on Christmas. But, if you must, make it that guy who sings Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.”
— Johnny Cash as heard on No Toys for OJ.


3 thoughts on “A Very Special Christmas PSA from Johnny Cash

  1. AustinDM

    My first thought was “I should totally buy that! Think of the memories!”
    My second thought was “actually, the only memories were the awesomeness of johnny cash, the crudeness of Dingo Boy, the suckiness of Ween, and some woman obscenely sucking on a candy cane.
    My third thought was “I’m not paying $20 for a cassette tape.”

    Thanks still for the memories of Johnny Cash. And one more: “remember kids, gasoline and Christmas trees don’t mix. Don’t make this Christmas season your last.”

    1. Ammon Post author

      You should totally buy it! You’d have migs and megs of memories. But, do you even own an audiocassette player? Maybe, you shouldn’t buy it after all.

  2. AustinDM

    Funnily enough I do. I bought a mini one for my wife a few years ago to record her thoughts and ideas but it was used one time and never again.

    But it still don’t justify buying a $20 tape. 😀

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