Favorite Things: DODOcase for iPad 2

DODOcase Sticker

Sleek. Elegant. Sophisticated.

You could use those three words to describe the DODOcase for iPad 2, but then I’d be forced to call you a pretentious schmuck.

As soon as I got my iPad 2 I knew exactly which case I wanted for it—the DODOcase. I’d read the glowing reviews about it on blogs like Engadget and TUAW, but (more importantly) it fit my own personal criteria. I wanted an iPad case that would do the following:

  1. Look great
  2. Protect the front and back of my iPad
  3. Not announce to the entire world that I have an iPad

I’m happy to report that the DODOcase succeeds on all counts.
For the uninitiated, the DODOcase looks like a large Moleskine notebook.

DODOcase Front

DODOcases are made using traditional bookbinding processes right here in the good old US of A. The do a fantastic job of telling their own story here.

For about six months I’ve been extremely satisfied with my DODOcase purchase. The other day, however, I noticed that the bamboo frame of the case had a large crack in one of the corners and was precariously close to falling off completely.

I wrote a quick note to customer service describing the issue and explaining my concern that the case hadn’t lasted longer. I also and attached the image below to my note.


One minute later, I had a response. That’s not a typo. That’s not an exaggeration. Let me say it again. One minute later, I had a response.

The email was from a real, live human being who apologized for the problem, thanked me for sending them the picture and provided full resolution in their first communication.

The customer service agent advised me that super glue might work, but also offered to send me a replacement. I chose the latter and three days later I had my new DODOcase.

DODOcase Bookplate

DODOcase Bookplate

Ever since advent of overseas call centers fueled by large corporations’ rise in apathy over the care of the people who buy their products and services we have come to expect poor customer service. Sadly, a company that cares about those who pay its bills is the exception and not the norm.

DODOcase is that exception. They are the Nordstroms of iPad cases. They sell fine products at a premium, but not only are you getting an excellent product, more importantly, you know that they will stand by their products and treat you right.

I’ll warrant that my DODOcase gets at least as many stares as my iPad itself. Everyone compliments me on my handsome notebook and if when they get the chance to look inside they’re even more impressed.

Are you willing to pay more for a premium product or premium customer service? Have you found a company or product you like that offers both? Sound off in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Favorite Things: DODOcase for iPad 2

  1. isabella

    Those cases look really nice! I have been looking all around for a cool yet stylish iPad case. I really like the notebook style cases! My choice has been narrowed down to the Portenzo cases. Does anyone have one? The reviews are awesome, but I want feedback from someone that owns one. Anxiously awaiting feedback. http://www.portenzo.com

    1. Ammon Post author

      I like the Composition style notebook the best–very retro.

      One thing that looks nice about the Portenzo is the optional (+$5) camera opening. However, I don’t know how much more I’d use the camera even if it were available all the time.

      I don’t know if anything could persuade me to buy anything other than a DODOcase for my next purchase, however. I love the product, but I like their service even more.

  2. dinkerson

    This is great. I really have a strong appreciation for quality, and craftsmanship such as seems to be the case with this item.

    I checked out the Dodo case site, and was happy to discover that they also build a case for the Kindle Fire. I’m buying a Kindle for my wife, and (based on your recommendation) will likely get this case to go along with it.

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