Why Minor League Hockey Is Better Than the NHL

Aeros 4 (Booster)

Last Saturday we went to see the Houston Aeros take on the San Antonio Rampage—two teams in the AHL, professional hockey’s minor league—and I loved … every … minute … of … it!

I used to think I did’t like hockey. It turns out though, that I just don’t like NHL hockey. Growing up, my Czech aunt took me to more than my fair share of LA Kings games. I always enjoyed the experience, but I never really cared about the actual game.

Despite the fact that I attended games regularly and even got to see the Great One play, I never became fan. After the game on Saturday, however, I’m convinced that it’s just the NHL I don’t like and not hockey itself.

My major gripes with NHL hockey games are that

  1. The games are too low scoring. Every game I’ve ever seen to was like 1-0 or 2, 0. I want to see goals!
  2. The NHL has legislated fighting out of the sport. Hockey without fights is just Men’s team figure skating.
  3. I always had trouble following the game. It doesn’t help that at NHL games good seats are so expensive. I can never see the puck from up in the nosebleeds.

Aeros 6 Cropped + Focus

So, how did the Aeros game change my opinion about hockey? The score was 5-3, there were a couple of decent fights, and we sat ten rows behind the goal without breaking the bank.

I don’t care that I don’t know the rules of the game, consider me sold on AHL hockey. I’ll be back for more.

Do you prefer professional or minor league sports? Who’s your favorite team? Sound off in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Why Minor League Hockey Is Better Than the NHL

  1. jenkakio

    I’ve heard this argument before. I’m not into hockey. I blame the fact that I live in Hawai’i. Anyway, I’ve heard many people agree with your argument. I feel that AHL’s players are more passionate and “hungry”. No fighting in hockey, LAME! That’s the best part of the game. Men being men. I love to watch baseball and once in awhile a huge fight breaks out. It’s always fun to watch all these men run out of their dugouts and charging each other. It reminds me of the movie 300 or something. If you couldn’t tell already, I’m a huge fan of MMA. LOL Let them fight! 🙂

  2. AustinDM

    I went to a wedding in Chicago a few years ago, besides the friends, the pizza, and Biaggi’s, the hockey game was my favorite thing there. (It was minor league and yes, better than any major league any sport game I’ve been to.)

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