Dollar Shave Club Kits Finally Ship

Do you remember that video that went viral a couple months back for the the Dollar Shave Club?

Video via Dollar Shave Club.

Yeah, I had only the vaguest of recollections about it until my first shaving kit finally showed up on my doorstep last weekend.

Dollar Shave Kit

The pitch was simple. “Aren’t you tired of overpaying for razorblades?” I sure was, that’s why I signed up. Initial demand was so high that the Dollar Shave Club was unable to fulfill all of their orders—mine included.

Welcome Dollar Shave

Flash forward to present day and I’ve now been using their blades for one week. So far, I’m very satisfied. They give me a shave as good at least as what I can get from a multi-blade Gilette or Schick.

Razor and Blades

In the past I’ve spent $12-$18 for essentially the same box of cartridges that I can get shipped to me each month from the Dollar Shave Club for $6 a month.

Change Your Blade

Guess what? Today I threw away my first razor blade. Normally, I hang onto them for weeks (I know, I’m cheap). But, now I can actually get rid of my blades each week when I’m supposed to. I know that at the end of the month I’ll have a fresh shipment awaiting me.

Elite Group

If they are able to ship my order on time each month, I see no reason why I would ever cancel.

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