Jim Gaffigan Is Mr Universe

Do you like to laugh? Do you consider yourself a fun person? Do you have five bucks?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions then you owe it to yourself to buy a copy of Jim Gaffigan’s newest comedy special, Mr. Universe.

Mr. Universe - Jim Gaffigan

Image via Jim Gaffigan

Whether or not you’re already a fan, you’ll laugh out loud (not just LOL) as Gaffigan shares his witty observations about kids, McDonalds, exercise, vacations, and more. For a sample, check out the clip below.

For your $5 you get the following:

For your five dollars you get the following:

  • A 75 minute side-ache from laughing so hard
  • 3 downloads of the video in High Def
  • 3 downloads of the video Standard Def
  • The ability to stream the video in a browser (via HTML 5)

The video downloads are DRM-Free MP4 files which means that you can play the video(s) as many times as you want on as many supported devices as you want. This includes iPods & iPhones, Macs & PCs, iPads & Kindle Fires, and even supported Blu-Ray players.

Want to feel better about your purchase? $1 from every $5 will be donated to The Bob Woodruff Foundation, to support veterans and their families.

This is a no brainer—unless you have no sense of humor—purchase Mr. Universe today! .


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    1. Ammon Post author

      What makes it funny is that most of us can relate. Those who can’t relate . . . They’re not people we want to be friends with anyway.

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