Certifiably Googled

If there’s one thing we IT geeks love (almost) as much as gadgets it’s certifications. Imagine my contentment when I learned that I would be getting an official certification in Google-ology courtesy of the search gurus in Mountain View, California for completing the Power Searching with Google course!

Certificate - Power Searching with Google

I was thinking about dusting off the old curriculum vitae to include this (ahem) accomplishment, but I don’t think this carries the same weight as a (real) cert from Microsoft or Cisco.

All kidding aside, I found the course worth my time. I definitely learned a trick or two that I didn’t know before and I’ll be anxiously looking forward to whatever future learning Google deigns to impart.

So what do you think, Internet, should I update my résumé and/or LinkedIn profile with my new certification? Sound off in the comments below.


13 thoughts on “Certifiably Googled

  1. AustinDM

    No you shouldn’t. Still that’s pretty cool, tho the certificate google made for you reminds me of class participation certificates handed out in grade school.

    1. Ammon Post author

      I was kidding. There is no way I’d put something like that on my CV. It’s nearly tantamount to specifying that I am capable of (semi-)rational thought and walking upright.

  2. AustinDM

    i know you were kidding. thx for clarifying just in case tho.

    but does this mean i can come to you whenever i need help with my googling? and if i type google into google, will i break the internet or is it like hard-wired or something not to let that happen?

    1. AustinDM

      Cajun man, how do you think Ammon should have handled this post?
      “More discretion.”
      Interesting. And how did you come to this conclusion?

    2. Ammon Post author

      Me: Cajun Man, why is AustinDM commenting on this blog post at work?

      Cajun Man: Proscrastination. Lack of motivation. Poor prioritization.

  3. johnmcgeeblog

    Congrats on the cert, but…. These days I’m not all that impressed with even the Microsoft certifications any more. You know the old adage: when everyone is special, no one is really special! As I’m getting older I realize that the real value of these certifications is the knowledge they represent, and the truly wise never stop learning.

    1. Ammon Post author

      Learning is the real value behind any certification or diploma or degree …

      I know there’s no intrinsic value in this cert, but it was a fun little course to take and a fun little bone Google threw to those of us who completed it.

  4. LucyJartz

    I appreciate your Mac Tips, I have owned my Mac for less than a year.
    You can safely leave off the certifications for these info-courses and whatever Facebook game achievements you might have been earning in your spare time… I’ll still respect you.

    1. Ammon Post author

      That’s a new one! I love the idea of some schlub listing his work experience: gold farming, monster slaying, castle besieging, princess saving, etc.

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