Breathe Life Into Your Stale CV with Loft Resumes

A few months back I won a free résumé overhaul courtesy of WorkAwesome and Loft Resumes. As I’d been using the same boring, vanilla Microsoft Word template for the past six years I was long overdue for an update.

CV Thumbnail
If it looks like this was designed in Word 2003 that’s because it was.

After I won, Loft contacted me to congratulate me and got right to work. Their site claims it’s three steps from start to finish, but it’s a little more iterative than that.

Loft Resumes Process
Image courtesy of Loft Resumes

The process couldn’t have been smoother, however. Here’s how it really worked:

  1. I chose a design from their template library
  2. I sent them my old CV
  3. They sent me my old CV in the new template
  4. We discussed potential changes to my CV
  5. They made the proposed changes
  6. They sent me an updated copy of my CV
  7. We repeated steps 4-6 until I was satisfied
  8. They sent me the final product

Loft Resumes charges about $110 for a two page résumé. For your money you get your updated CV as both as a high resolution PDF suitable for printing and a low resolution PDF appropriate for posting on job sites or sending via email.

You also receive a cover letter template (available in both Microsoft Word and Apple Pages format) that matches the style of your CV. And, if you ever need Loft to update your résumé they’ll do it for a whopping $5.

Here’s the final version of my résumé.

Loft Resumes CV Final
Ahhhh, much better!

If you want to see what it looks like in greater detail you can view the full, low-res version here.

So, what did I think about working with Loft? The overall experience was great. Before this experience I’m not sure I would have shelled out a hundred bucks for to clean up my résumé. After all is said and done … I’m still not sure.

I’m extremely happy with the look and feel of my new CV, but I would have appreciated a bit more guidance around the actual writing of my résumé and not just the design if I were a paying customer.

Here’s some additional feedback:


  • Fast – I never waited more than 8 hours for an email response or update. I was pleased with how fast we went from initial redesign to finished product.
  • Excellent communication – All communication was handled in an extremely courteous and professional manner on their part.


  • None, really. Everything looks great and Loft’s customer service was exemplary.


  • Printing option – I would have paid extra for an option to print and ship my CV on some nice, high quality cardstock.
  • Matching business cards – It would be really cool to have some business cards to hand out that match my new CV.
  • Even more templates – The designs they already have a exceptional, but I’d love to see what else they can come up with.

So, what do you think? What would you pay for a more professional, modern-looking résumé? Sound off in the comments below.

All images are from my flickr, unless otherwise noted.


4 thoughts on “Breathe Life Into Your Stale CV with Loft Resumes

  1. AustinDM

    I think it looks really cool. In answer to your question, I don’t think I’d pay anything for a custom resume. As a (hopeful/future) Graphic Designer, I’m probably expected to make my own.

    Still, this one looks really cool, not sure it was worth $110 but I’m not sure ANY resume redesign would be worth that. However, if a graphic designer is charging $30-$60/hr then that’s about 2-4 hours worth of work, which it sounds like that’s what they did.

    Final note: It looks cool, I wouldn’t pay that much, I WOULD charge that much, but kudos on getting it for free.

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