A DC Comics Tribute to Hostess Snacks

As soon as I heard the news of snack-cake maker Hostess’ impending demise I thought back on all the Twinkies, Cupcakes, and Ding Dongs I’d eaten over the years and all the great ads they used to run in the comics.

So, I scoured some old books I had laying around and … (ta-da) I found a couple vintage gems to share.

Hawkman Saves the Day and the Cupcakes

Hawkman Saves the Day and the Cupcakes Ad 1980

Hawkman preserves a plummeting parachuter and his precious perishables in this ad scanned from The Flash #282, 1980.

Penguin Fruit Pie Heist

Penguin Fruit Pie Heist

The cops foil the Penguin in his attempt to steal all the Fruit Pies for himself. Rather than applauding the policemen, the bystanders toast the pie filling in this ad from the pages of Green Lantern #99, 1977.

Apparently both superheroes and villains will shill for just about anything if properly motivated. I’ve seen everything from BB Guns and Chuck Norris Action Jeans to Sea Monkeys and hovercrafts in the comic book ad pages. Sadly, we’ve probably seen our last Hostess ads.

Which Hostess products will you miss the most? Sound off in the comments below.

All images in this post appear courtesy of DC Comics.


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