Waffle Sandwich

The inimitable Steve Jobs closed his epic 2005 Stanford Commencement speech with these words:

“Stay hungry, stay foolish”

I’m pretty sure that Steve didn’t have waffle sandwiches in mind when he said that. One fine Saturday morning Lulabelle (feeling both hungry and foolish) decided that was exactly what she wanted.

How does one make a waffle sandwich you may ask? Well, this is what she did.

Step 1: Toast Waffle

Toast Waffle

Step 2: Toast Bread


Step 3: Apply Ample Amounts of Butter to Waffle & Bread

Apply Butter

Step 4: Spread Syrup Around Liberally

Spread Syrup

Step 5: Combine Ingredients & Eat


Step 6: Enjoy


Due to the mess involved and Lulabelle’s half-hearted attempt to clean it up I don’t think she’ll be making many more waffle sandwiches.

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7 thoughts on “Waffle Sandwich

  1. LucyJartz

    You know my reputation as a non-gourmet foodie, and I really enjoyed this post! A delicious variation is to put peanut butter on the bottom of one waffle, and use jelly (or apple butter mmmm) to fill the holes on the top of another waffle, and mash them together. It’s only a little messy. Just a little, and totally worth it.

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