Favorite Things: DIY Planner

D*I*Y Planner Logo

Image via D*I*Y Planner

One of my favorite sites on the Internet is the venerable D*I*Y Planner—a site that provides a plethora of free productivity printables.

In their own words:

“DIYPlanner.com is a community site whose focus is on paper-based productivity, planning, journalling and creative techniques. Here you will find the official D*I*Y Planner kits, as well as daily articles, scores of useful templates, handbooks and how-to’s, forums for discussing productivity in its many forms, images to clad your planners or inspire you, and so much more.”

Weekly Planner.jpg

After writing my 7 Habits Weekly Planner a few years back, I uploaded the native files to D*I*Y Planner. Recently, they accepted a few other productivity tools I’d submitted from slightly insightful.


Now you can find the source files for both my Managing Time Effectively Mindmap at D*I*Y Planner and my Covey’s Time Management Matrix over there as well.

Time Management Matrix

Even though I primarily use OmniFocus to manage my projects and to-do’s digitally, I’m still a sucker for paper-based productivity tools. D*I*Y Planner is a fantastic, free resource to manage your life regardless of of what personal management system you use—7 habits, GTD, or whatever. Check it out today.

Which do you prefer digital or paper productivity systems? Sound off in the comments below.

D*I*Y Planner logo courtesy of D*I*Y Planner. All other images are from my flickr.