Perfect April Fool’s Day Prank for PC Users

Windows 7 RC- Light
Image via TJ Markham’s flickr.

Modern Windows systems aren’t nearly as awful as they used to be. They even look … OK (still not as nice as a Mac). However, it’s just as easy as ever to play a good old fashioned April Fool’s Day prank on an unsuspecting PC user.

Flip Down

Sneak over to your victim’s computer when they’re not looking, press the Control, Alt, and Down Arrow keys at the same time and voilà! Their screen’s display will have rotated 180 degrees—effectively flipping it upside down.

Desktop Flipped

Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy alternative to this prank for Mac users. But, you can always mess with a Mac geek’s AutoCorrect settings or invert their system colors if you feel the need to pull a prank on a member of the cult of Mac.

Flip Up

No need for your hapless PC lover to panic though, pressing the Control, Alt, and Up Arrow keys at the same time will revert the screen to normal.

What pranks will you be pulling this year? Sound off in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Perfect April Fool’s Day Prank for PC Users

    1. Ammon Post author

      I find pranks like this one a valuable way to teach folks the importance of properly securing their computers while away. Have fun with your hijinks.

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