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Han Shot First (The Toys Prove It!)

May the 4th Be With You
Image via the official Star Wars May the 4th Website.

May the 4th be with you! Today, Star Wars geeks everywhere will be cracking bad jokes and waxing nostalgic about how much better the original trilogy was than the prequels. And on this special day I would like to remind everyone that Han shot first.

If you’ve never seen the original theatrical release of the first Star Wars film, then you might remember Han’s cantina encounter with Greedo unfolding something like this …

Han Shot First Gif

Image via Wikipedia

Fortunately, my point is reinforced on the box art for the Micro Machine Star Wars Cantina playset which I stumbled across in my parents’ attic.

Micro Machines Han Shot First

Notice, a single shot fired by Solo—not a defensive or counter shot following an exchange from the green-skinned bounty hunter. We all know that toys are incapable of lying, so, there’s your proof.

Do you think it matters that/if Han shot first or in self defense? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below.

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Jim Gaffigan Is Mr Universe

Do you like to laugh? Do you consider yourself a fun person? Do you have five bucks?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions then you owe it to yourself to buy a copy of Jim Gaffigan’s newest comedy special, Mr. Universe.

Mr. Universe - Jim Gaffigan

Image via Jim Gaffigan

Whether or not you’re already a fan, you’ll laugh out loud (not just LOL) as Gaffigan shares his witty observations about kids, McDonalds, exercise, vacations, and more. For a sample, check out the clip below.

For your $5 you get the following:

For your five dollars you get the following:

  • A 75 minute side-ache from laughing so hard
  • 3 downloads of the video in High Def
  • 3 downloads of the video Standard Def
  • The ability to stream the video in a browser (via HTML 5)

The video downloads are DRM-Free MP4 files which means that you can play the video(s) as many times as you want on as many supported devices as you want. This includes iPods & iPhones, Macs & PCs, iPads & Kindle Fires, and even supported Blu-Ray players.

Want to feel better about your purchase? $1 from every $5 will be donated to The Bob Woodruff Foundation, to support veterans and their families.

This is a no brainer—unless you have no sense of humor—purchase Mr. Universe today! .

The Avengers: The Best Hulk Movie Ever

Avengers #001

Sorry Spider-Man and Batman Begins; I’ve got a new favorite superhero movie. Today I saw the Avengers. Again. And guess what? It’s … still … awesome! This time I took Bongo & Lulabelle and they loved it, too.

Incredible Hulk #321

I’ve never been a huge fan of the Avengers. To me the team was always just the big three—Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor (none of whom were particular favorites of mine, but whose recent movies were all very, very good)—and a rotating cast of B-list superheroes who couldn’t hold their own titles.

Incredible Hulk #102

Why do I like the movie so much more than I ever did the comics? There’s one major reason and he’s the “ enormous green rage monster” who stole every scene he appears in. The physical humor that played through in his fight with Loki and later in his sucker punch to teammate Thor were priceless! I can’t remember laughing so hard during an action movie ever.

Incredible Hulk #006

Nothing against Eric Bana or Edward Norton, they’re both fine actors in their own right, but Mark Ruffalo played a better Bruce Banner than either of them ever were. I believed that he was equal parts genius and monster.

Incredible Hulk #314

Have you seen the Avengers, yet? What did What did you think about Marvel’s not-so jolly, green giant? Sound off in the comments below.

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The Time I Met Vader & Chewie

Best Day Ever

Did I ever tell you about the time I met Darth Vader and Chewbacca? I didn’t!?! Well, it was only the best day of my life!

Yup, that’s little me with them in the picture above. Just chillin’ with Vader and Chewie, no biggie.

In reality, I have absolutely no memory of this day and if it weren’t for this one polaroid, I never would have remembered that this meeting even took place.

From the look of the smile on the face of my 4 year old self I’m pretty sure that this was the highlight of my life up to that point.

What I do remember is that I, like many children of the 70s, loved Star Wars with a passion. I watched the movies, I re-enacted my favorite scenes with the toys, I read the comics, I listened to the records, I the wore t-shirts & pajamas, and slept under the sheets.

Such an encounter couldn’t have been anything less than magical.

What’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you that you can’t remember? Sound off in the comments below.

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The Muppets + Star Wars = Nexus of All Awesomeness

The Muppet Show

Image via Wikipedia

When I was a kid, something magical happened each Friday night. The whole family gathered around the TV to watch The Muppets until we laughed ourselves silly.

No skit has had more enduring appeal to me than a very special, Star Wars themed Pigs in Space.

Luke Skywalker, Artoo, Threepio, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, & more stared in spectacularly unforgettable sketch.

To my young, impressionable mind this was coolest thing that had ever happened in the history of the universe.

What was your favorite Muppet moment? Sound off in the comments below.

Nick Jr. Predicts Cowboys & Aliens

Gary Larson provided the original concept and Clarissa explained it all, but did you know that Nick Jr.’s plucky, young anthropomorphic quintet may have also inspired the Cowboys and Aliens movie***?

Backyardigans - Cowboys & Aliens
Image via my flickr.

Way back in The Backyardigans episode Ranch Hands From Outer Space (Season 3, Episode 14 for anyone who cares) a cowgirl hippo meets up with an alien penguin and pink bug-thing.

Spoiler Alert!

Sadly, there is no shooting of UFOs in this episode. After a series of comedic mishaps the Cowboy (yellow hippo) and Aliens (blue penguin and pink bug-thing) sing, dance, and have a snack.

Singing Dancing Cowboys and Aliens
Image via my flickr.

If, like me, you have kids between the ages of 1 and 8 (or if you’re really weird) you may have seen this episode before. If not, don’t worry. Nick Jr. has the annoying habit of playing the same episode of a show every day for weeks on end—it’ll turn up eventually. For the impatient types, go to Netflix and you can even stream it on demand.

Have you noticed the recent trend of ripping off resurrecting old ideas for TV shows and movies? Which ones in particular have caught your attention? Sound off in the comments below.

***Props to Lynette for bringing this one to my attention!

How to Trick a Girl into Watching a Superhero Movie

My Hero
Image via my flickr

Superhero movie season is upon us once again. Thor, X-Men First Class, Captain America, and Green Lantern (sadly no Wonder Twins movie though) will all grace the big screen this summer.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve already begun thinking about how you can possibly trick convince the girl (or guy) in your life to see one all of these with you.

My wife is a trooper and I’ve already been able to talk her into seeing one of these with me, but I want to see them all! How can I get her to go with me?

The following exchange between my five year-old son and his older sister provides the answer. (They were in the process of negotiating which DVD they were going to watch when I overheard this…)

Bongo: How about this one?
Lulabelle: No, I don’t want to see it.
Bongo: You’ll like it. It has romance!
Lulabelle: I am not watching Spider-Man!

OK, so maybe it didn’t work out quite the way that he had hoped, but guess what? 90% of the time it does. Plus, you’ve got to give the kid credit for playing the romance card—did I mention he’s only five?!? He’s smooth that one, real smooth.

It turns out that most superhero shows are so good these days that all you don’t need to resort to trickery to get non-fans to watch them with you.

Because Bongo asks her, he has gotten Lulabelle to watch everything from Justice League Unlimited and Batman Beyond to Iron Man and yes, even Spider-Man with him!

All you really need to do is ask.

What tactics will you use to get your gal (or dude) to watch this years superhero flicks? Got anything better than flat out asking? Sound off in the comments below.

This post was featured on the 9rules Noteworthy Content of the Week blog on June 8, 2011!