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Timeless Political Coverage from Bugs Bunny

In my favorite Looney Toons cartoon not produced by Chuck Jones, Bugs Bunny gets caught up in a campaign only slightly less ruthless (albeit more violent) than the one we’re watching draw to a close tonight.



What Was I Thinking?

Fish Spa

I still can’t believe I stuck my feet in the water with hundreds of hungry little fish. Almost as astonishing is how eagerly they scraped decades worth of accumulated crud off every surface I had lowered into the pool.

At first, I couldn’t even look down. Acknowledging the presence of the fish would mean I’d have to come to grips with the fact that they were gnawing on me. Then I finally stole a glance. Then another. And another. After a while it even became enjoyable. No, not really. It was still horrible.

The end result, however, was pretty amazing. Never having had experienced anything remotely resembling a pedicure I was shocked by how silky smooth every bit of skin on my feet had become.

Would I do it again? Probably not. I’m still not sure what I was thinking.

Phishing Expedition

Spam and phishing are major annoyances that we all face and often I have to thoroughly examine an email to verify its validity. Other times, as is in this case, the communication is so bad it’s laughable.

Generally, Gmail does a fine job keeping my Inbox free of junk email. However, this lovely bit of spam somehow made it past their filters.

Phishing Expedition

Does anyone actually fall for this garbage? I actually lost track of how many things are wrong with this email. I’m totally digging the horrendously bad attempt at a Gmail logo though.

What’s the most ridiculous phishing email you’ve ever gotten?

Favorite Word

Evil Spock

Doppelgänger might just be my favorite word ever. I’m always looking for excuses to work it into conversation. This is no small feat, mind you. In order to say it, you not only need to know what it means, but you usually need to have seen one.

Not sure what a doppelgänger is? Here’s what has to say about it: Doppelganger
But, according to Wikipedia, it has also come to mean “any double or look-alike of a person.”

So, why am I so crazy about this word? I’ll sum it up in three reasons:

  • Quite simply, I like the way it sounds.
  • You know the two little dots (¨) above the ‘a’? They’re called an umlaut. Everything rocks a little bit harder with an umlaut—just ask Motörhead, Hüsker Dü, or Mötley Crüe,
  • Finally, because doppelgängers themselves are cool, they can be a fun story–telling device. Mario has Wario. Mr. Spock, Cartman, and Bender each have their very own “evil twin” complete with a warped sense of reality and the requisite goatee. Superman has Bizarro, and Jerry Seinfeld has wait for it) Bizarro Jerry

Now you know my favorite word. If we ever have a conversation and I use it, know that I am enjoying it and that I took great pains to work it into the discussion.

What’s your favorite word? Why? Sound off in the comments below.

Peas and Pineapple

Once upon a dinner, many years ago, two things stood between me and the family trip to Disneyland. Peas and pineapple.

Peas & Pineapple

So, when I went out with my family for Valentine’s Dinner and I was faced with my nemesis of old I did what I did that night long ago. I ate them (but I didn’t like ’em).