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Scanned Classics

I was going through my iPhoto archive today when this gem fromt he Lulabelle collection turned up.

Hug From Lulabelle

One of the best ideas we ever had as parents was to start scanning our children’s artwork—at least, the ones worth saving (they’re not all classics). We haven’t been super consistent with it, but I’m so glad we saved this one!

All images are from my flickr, unless otherwise noted.


A Nine Year Old’s Nativity

A Nine Year Old's Nativity

Thanksgiving is over. So, I guess it’s safe for everyone to start posting about Christmas now. I’ve got my special Yuletide playlist queued up and I’m ready to join in with the rest of the Christian world to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Before everyone gets caught up in the rush to buy presents I just wanted to remind everyone what we’re celebrating.

Lulabelle, my nine year old wunderkind, always draws the happiest pictures. Her interpretation of the Nativity is no exception.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more jubilant Mary, Joseph, or Wise Men. Truly the birth of the Savior was cause to celebrate then even as it is now.

May you have joy and peace this Christmas Season.