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Mormon Night at Dodger Stadium 2012

Tilt Shift Dodger Stadium

Last week I was able to share one of my favorite traditions with my kids—Mormon Night at Dodger Stadium!

Growing up in the burbs outside Los Angeles, I anxiously looked forward to Mormon Night with the Dodgers each year.

Mormon Night at Dodger Stadium Wristband

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has partnered with the Los Angeles Dodgers organization for decades to hold this annual event for members of the church from all over Southern California and elsewhere.

President Dieter Uchtdorf from the church’s First Presidency threw out the ceremonial first pitch.

Dodger Dog

We ate Dodger Dogs, popcorn, peanuts and everything else you’re supposed to eat at a ball game.

We were rewarded for not skipping out during the Seventh Inning Stretch (a peculiar Dodger Stadium ritual) with a Linkin Park fireworks show. LP frontman, Mike Shinoda, was in attendance as well.

Watching the Dodgers Lose

Even though the Dodgers suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of the New York Mets, a great time was had by all.

What traditions from your childhood have you passed on to your kids? Sound off in the comments below.

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Streaming LDS General Conference in 1080p

Mormon Channel Roku Channel

This weekend I’ll be joining millions of Mormons all over the world as we watch and listen to the messages given at our semi-annual General Conference.

Unlike most of my LDS brothers and sisters, however, I won’t be tuning in via satellite or cable TV. I’ll be streaming it live in glorious 1080p on my Roku via the freshly out-of-beta Mormon Channel.

It’s been nearly a year since we cut out cable to go streaming only and it just keeps getting better.

The Mormon Channel is a free download via the Roku Channel Store and is also available for free on Android, Apple, BlackBerry, and Palm devices.

Latter-day Saints believe in the resurrected J...

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If you’ve been waiting until now to find out more about Mormons (we’re all over Broadway and GOP politics this year) I invite you to come and see what we’re about.

How will you be experiencing General Conference this year? Sound off in the comments below.

Why I Wear Two Rings

I’m no “Disco Stu”.

Disco Stu (Series 9)

Photo by BurningAstronaut

What I’m trying to say is that as a general rule I’m not a fan of male jewelry—no bracelets, no necklaces, no earrings. I do, however, wear two rings.

One I wear for obvious reasons, it’s a symbol of eternal love and devotion to my spouse. Why I wear the other ring is one of the most frequent questions I am asked. I wear it for symbolic reasons as well.

My other ring is a CTR ring. CTR is an acronym for “Choose The Right”, as such it is a constant reminder to me to do the right thing—no matter the consequences.

CTR Ring

Ring available from Deseret Book

It is common for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) to give these rings to our children when they are preparing for baptism.

A CTR ring is a common symbol of the Church. I...

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I always loved wearing my CTR ring as a child. Even now that I’m an adult this small symbol helps remind me to make good decisions.

Symbols are a powerful teaching tool. What symbols do you see or use in your life? How do they help you live your life? Sound off in the comments below.