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No Longer Running on Empty

Running on Empty

I can’t begin to express how excited I am for the New Year! I love the feeling of optimism and encouragement that permeates the very air during this time.

While I enjoyed participating in last year’s WordPress Post a Week Challenge there definitely were times when I felt like I was running on empty.

However, you can’t argue with results. And for the first time ever, I managed to blog at least once a week for an entire year!

During 2011 I averaged a respectable 1.3 posts per week. Maybe one day I’ll graduate to the Post a Day Challenge, but for now the Post a Week Challenge is about all I have the bandwidth to do.

Here are a few of the highlights from last year:

That said, I’m extremely pleased with my blogging results for 2011 and look forward participating again in the Post a Week Challenge for 2012!

I’ve explained why I blog and thanked you for reading, so what I really want to know is this—Will you be blogging this year? How often will you be blogging in 2012? Sound off in the comments below.

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This Is Why I Blog

An old friend and I recently chatted about blogging and writing in general. As part of the conversation I put into words, quite possibly for the first time, why I blog.

What it all comes down to is this: I write the kind of posts that I would want to read. So, even if my blog has an audience of one (which I’m sure it often does) it serves as a creative outlet for me.

Yesterday, I read an interview Seth Godin gave in issue #10 of Productive Magazine which totally validated my reason for blogging. The interviewer asked Seth how he manages to post so frequently and he responded with the following.

Seth Godin from Productive Magazine

Well, I think the most important thing to understand about blogging is that if you are blogging for other people you are going to be disappointed. Even if no one would read it I would still blog. And the people I know who blog passionately, all of them say exactly the same thing. So that is the way you have to look at it, you can’t say: “I’m not getting enough comments I’m not going to blog. I’m not getting enough money, I’m not going to blog”. You have to say: “this is a great chance for me to clear my thoughts and put them into the world, what an opportunity”.
— Seth Godin

Wow, talk about validation! Seth Godin proves once again that he gets it.

Why do you blog? Sound off in the comments below.

Photo of Seth Godin via Productive Magazine