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Favorite Things: Mexican Coke

Mexican Coke

Seeing the words Made in America makes my heart swell with pride. I can’t help but think of the hard-working men and women who made this country great and the amazing goods we’ve manufactured right here throughout our nation’s history.

The words Hecho en Mexico, however, often conjure up different imagery—I think of cheap souvenirs and the gift to the world that is Mexican Coke.

Mexican Coke

I’m not a huge soda drinker and I usually prefer a root beer over a cola. However, there’s just something about that real (cane) sugary goodness of a Mexican Coke that I find undeniably refreshing. It tastes so good! That’s why a nice cold (glass) bottle of Mexican Coke is one of my favorite things.

The Most Interesting Man Drinks Mexican Coke

Have you ever had a Mexican Coke? No!?!? Stop reading this, go out, and buy one! What did you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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Don’t Drink That!

With Chunky Bits
Foreigners and locals seem to agree that two of the best things to do in Singapore are eat and shop. I’ve never heard anyone rave about the drinks though. After seeing some of the available beverage options here, you’ll see why.

Grass Power
There’s no power out there that could make me drink this heinous stuff.

Bird's Nest Flavored Drink
How could you possibly make a “Bird’s Nest Flavored Drink” sound more appetizing?

Bird's Nest Drink with Jelly Bits
Add “Jelly Bits” of course!

Barley Drink
A two-fer of nastiness: Winter Melon Tea and Barley Drink.

Grass Jelly Drink
Do I even need to comment on this one?

Black Currant Aloe Drink
As a general rule, I avoid drinking anything with “bits”.

Bubble Jelly Drink
I don’t “Want Want Bubble Jelly Drink.” Sorry, it just comes off sounding desperate.