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When the Kids Fight: Flames on the Side of My Face

These are my kids: Bongo, Lulabelle, and the Baby. They are talented, smart, funny (they get that from me), good-looking (they get that from their mother), and all-around awesome.

When people see them they think they’re like this all the time.

The Niños

I love my kids!

Usually, they get along exceptionally well, but now that it’s summer they’ve been spending a lot more time with each other. This means that by the time I come home from work they’ve pretty much driven each other (and their mother) crazy. That’s when the fighting starts.

I don’t know if it’s the whining or the screaming part of the fighting—no wait, it’s totally the screaming—however, when the fighting starts something terrible happens to me.

I get so angry that I lose the ability to formulate coherent sentences. I feel like Madeline Kahn in this scene from Clue.

I love my kids. Let me say it again, I love my kids! However, the fighting and screaming, have to go. My sanity depends on it.

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Vote: Suzette Steward for Teacher of the Year

Suzette on Live with Kelly and Michael

I’m sure that all of the teachers up for Live’s Annual Top Teacher are great and all, but none of them are more deserving to win—in my humble, but completely biased opinion—than (my sister-in-law,) Suzette Steward.

Suz and Dracula

Suz teaches children with special needs, and they are, in a very literal sense, her life. When she’s not teaching them at school she’s working them out at the gym or babysitting them to give their parents a much needed break.

Suz at Rodeo

You know those fabulously long summer breaks that teachers get each year? Suzette has not once taken one. She spends all summer (each and every year) running camps where her kids can ride canoes, go down a zipline, dance, make crafts, etc.

Still need convincing? Read what one of her student’s parents said about here here.

Voting closes Monday, April 15th, so head on over to the Live with Kelly and Michael site to vote for Suzette, today.

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Scanned Classics

I was going through my iPhoto archive today when this gem fromt he Lulabelle collection turned up.

Hug From Lulabelle

One of the best ideas we ever had as parents was to start scanning our children’s artwork—at least, the ones worth saving (they’re not all classics). We haven’t been super consistent with it, but I’m so glad we saved this one!

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Waffle Sandwich

The inimitable Steve Jobs closed his epic 2005 Stanford Commencement speech with these words:

“Stay hungry, stay foolish”

I’m pretty sure that Steve didn’t have waffle sandwiches in mind when he said that. One fine Saturday morning Lulabelle (feeling both hungry and foolish) decided that was exactly what she wanted.

How does one make a waffle sandwich you may ask? Well, this is what she did.

Step 1: Toast Waffle

Toast Waffle

Step 2: Toast Bread


Step 3: Apply Ample Amounts of Butter to Waffle & Bread

Apply Butter

Step 4: Spread Syrup Around Liberally

Spread Syrup

Step 5: Combine Ingredients & Eat


Step 6: Enjoy


Due to the mess involved and Lulabelle’s half-hearted attempt to clean it up I don’t think she’ll be making many more waffle sandwiches.

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I’d Rather Sleep Like a 10 Year Old

Whoever coined he term “sleeping like a baby” obviously never had children. My baby does not like to go to sleep. Ever. And when she does finally conk out it is a sleep so light that a butterfly’s sneeze could wake her.


My 10 year old, on the other hand, sleeps so soundly that I’m not even sure a nuclear blast could rouse her. She is capable of falling out of bed with her head on the floor and her feet still in bed–and not even that will wake her.

That is why I’d rather sleep like a 10 year old.

Power Lords: Revenge of the Misfit Toys

Power Lords Logo

I previously established that we had some pretty lame toys back in my day. Following that theme, I’d like to reacquaint you with the Power Lords.

This was the kind of toy that I was probably given by my grandma who got it for me on a whim while shopping at K-Mart (I know I certainly never would have asked for it on purpose). Not that there’s anything wrong with grandma’s generosity, it’s not her fault she was out of touch with what little boys wanted back in the 80s (I love you Grandma!).

Looking at these toys I think it’s fairly evident why no one is clamoring for the Power Lords movie, the Power Lords 8 part mini series on SyFy, or the complete Power Lords reboot by DC Comics to wipe away all the years of bad continuity and make him more accessible for today’s new comic reader.

I had to consult Wikipedia to remember the basic storyline, In a nutshell, Adam Power was a huge nerd with a big nose and bad hair who liked to dress up in a bright orange jumpsuit to fight the evil extraterrestrial despot known as Arkus.

Adam Power

When Adam Power harnessed the power of the cosmic Power Jewel (at the push of a button) he became (feigned excitement) Lord Power (yawn)! As Lord Power, Adam now had blue skin and protruding red veins, his hair was even worse than ever, he had a jewel stuck in the middle of his forehead, and he was still stuck wearing the same orange pants from his jumpsuit.

It’s not worth going into the even lamer supporting cast of heroes and villains, it would only bore you to tears. However, if you’re reading this late at night and feel the urge to click a link you can check out images of all the action figures and vehicles over Action Figure Archive or read all about them back at Wikipedia .

Power Lord All

This is one misfit toy that Santa should accidentally leave on the island. I’m sure most kids would rather have a Charlie-in-the-box over an Adam Power action figure any day of the year.

What’s the dorkiest toy you remember from growing up? Did you have one? Did you despise it or secretly love it? Sound off in the comments below?

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A Nine Year Old’s Nativity

A Nine Year Old's Nativity

Thanksgiving is over. So, I guess it’s safe for everyone to start posting about Christmas now. I’ve got my special Yuletide playlist queued up and I’m ready to join in with the rest of the Christian world to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Before everyone gets caught up in the rush to buy presents I just wanted to remind everyone what we’re celebrating.

Lulabelle, my nine year old wunderkind, always draws the happiest pictures. Her interpretation of the Nativity is no exception.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more jubilant Mary, Joseph, or Wise Men. Truly the birth of the Savior was cause to celebrate then even as it is now.

May you have joy and peace this Christmas Season.