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Seven Guest Characters I Hope Return to Arrested Development

Arrested Development from Time

The closer we get to May 26th, the more excited I am for the return of Arrested Development. And as anxious as I am to see what the Bluths have been up to after their seven year hiatus (the show was canceled), I’m equally as excited to see which of their many amazing guest-stars will be returning with them.

Here are the seven guest characters I most hope return to season four of Arrested Development.

1. Liza Minelli as Lucille Austero

Lucille Austero

Austero, AKA: Lucille Two, was Lucille Bluth’s chief social rival and Buster’s vertigo-suffering girlfriend. Will she be looking to reunite with her one-handed, former flame or will she still be tied up with Stan Sitwell?

2. Henry Winkler as Barry Zuckerkorn

Barry Zuckerkorn

Winkler as the Fonz was the epitome of ‘50s cool in the ‘70s—quite the opposite of the inept and clearly out of his league, milquetoast who served as the Bluth family attorney. Will the Bluths stick by Barry or will they rehire Bob Loblaw (I read his law blog)?

3. Amy Poehler as The Bride of G.O.B.

G.O.B.'s Wife

I don’t remember Poehler’s character ever having a name on the show—if she did G.O.B. sure didn’t remember it (I blame too many ruffies). Whatever it was, she was a force of chaos to be reckoned with whenever she made an appearance. In real life Poehler and Arnett split last year, but maybe the show can bring them back together if only for a few episodes.

4. Steve Ryan as J. Walter Weatherman

J. Walter Weatherman

J. Walter Weatherman was the George Bluth’s one-armed employee that he would often use in elaborate schemes to teach his kids a lesson. These lessons always ended with Weatherman’s prosthetic arm being ripped off in dramatic fashion. Then came the moral of the lesson—usually something along the lines of “And that’s why you always leave a note!” What lessons would the eldest Bluth have him teach this time around?

5. Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Maggie Lizer

Maggie Lizer

On a show full of liars, Lizer was arguably the biggest. She wasn’t blind and Michael never got her pregnant and neither did the two cops whose baby she was supposedly carrying. What whoppers could she have possibly concocted over the last seven years? I hope we get the chance to see.

6. Carl Weathers as Carl Weathers

Carl Weathers

The former Apollo Creed is the star of over thirty movies and served as Tobias Fünke’s acting coach and mentor. Weathers seldom taught Tobias much about the actual business of show, but made up for it by showing him the finer points scoring free food from restaurant dumpsters. What nuggets of wisdom would he share now?

7. Charlize Theron as Rita Leeds

Rita Leeds

In my favorite storyline of the entire series, Theron played Michael’s love interest, Rita. She was as lovely as she was cerebrally challenged. She wasn’t the notorious Mr. F, but instead turned out to be a Mentally Retarded Female (MRF). I don’t know if or how they could bring her back, but I’d love it if they did—tiny teddy and all.

One thing that really set Arrested Development apart during its initial run was the way that they were able to consistently tie in terrific cameo appearances and enhance the story. I hope they can do it again.

Who do you hope makes a stop at the banana stand this season? Sound off in the comments below.

All images are courtesy of the Arrested Development Wiki.


Arrested Development Easter Eggs on Netflix

The Final Countdown

They (Fox) made a huge mistake and now Netflix is set to prove that there’s still plenty of gold to be mined by the show’s incredible ensemble and writers. Unless you’ve been living under a banana peel then you already know that Arrested Development is coming back in a big way.

Netflix hasn’t been shy about promoting the fact that they are resurrecting AD. Starting May 26th, subscribers will be able to stream all 15 episodes of the new season.

I recently discovered that the Netflix site is crawling with Arrested Development themed Easter eggs. Most of them are related to fake shows that were referenced during the series’ brief run. Here are a few of my favorites.



In this edition of “true stories, ripped from the headlines” Tobias starred as George, Sr. while Dave Attel portrayed Tobias. This episode highlighted the Bluth family’s fall from grace.

World’s Worst Drivers

Worlds Worst Drivers

Lucille was featured on this reality series featuring the worst drivers in—you guessed it—the world. That she regularly drove while intoxicated and/or under the effects of narcotics may have been a contributing factor.

El Amor Prohibido

El Amor Prohibido

The title of this Novela, or Spanish language soap opera, means “the forbidden love”. This is exactly what was going on between Michael and the star of the show, Marta, who just happened to be dating his hermano, GOB.

Franklin Comes Alive

Franklin Comes Alive

GOB and his extremely un-PC puppet, Franklin Delano Bluth, sing, tell jokes, and manage to offend everyone in so doing. This could be why Marta was keen on ditching him for Michael (“Who is this hermano?”).

Boyfights (or Lucha de Muchachos)


George, Sr. used to egg the boys on until they’d fight. He filmed their fights and sold VHS tapes outside the US.

One last thing …

5 Bananas

When you rate Arrested Development online you don’t rate it in stars. Instead you use bananas. After all, “there’s always money in the banana stand (wink, wink).”

In closing, here’s a clip from the upcoming and final season of AD

“No Smoking”

Have you managed to find any other Easter eggs on Netflix (I’m counting at least five more)? If so, sound off in the comments below.

All images in this post are from Netflix, unless otherwise noted.

The Muppets + Star Wars = Nexus of All Awesomeness

The Muppet Show

Image via Wikipedia

When I was a kid, something magical happened each Friday night. The whole family gathered around the TV to watch The Muppets until we laughed ourselves silly.

No skit has had more enduring appeal to me than a very special, Star Wars themed Pigs in Space.

Luke Skywalker, Artoo, Threepio, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, & more stared in spectacularly unforgettable sketch.

To my young, impressionable mind this was coolest thing that had ever happened in the history of the universe.

What was your favorite Muppet moment? Sound off in the comments below.

Streaming LDS General Conference in 1080p

Mormon Channel Roku Channel

This weekend I’ll be joining millions of Mormons all over the world as we watch and listen to the messages given at our semi-annual General Conference.

Unlike most of my LDS brothers and sisters, however, I won’t be tuning in via satellite or cable TV. I’ll be streaming it live in glorious 1080p on my Roku via the freshly out-of-beta Mormon Channel.

It’s been nearly a year since we cut out cable to go streaming only and it just keeps getting better.

The Mormon Channel is a free download via the Roku Channel Store and is also available for free on Android, Apple, BlackBerry, and Palm devices.

Latter-day Saints believe in the resurrected J...

Image via Wikipedia

If you’ve been waiting until now to find out more about Mormons (we’re all over Broadway and GOP politics this year) I invite you to come and see what we’re about.

How will you be experiencing General Conference this year? Sound off in the comments below.

Nick Jr. Predicts Cowboys & Aliens

Gary Larson provided the original concept and Clarissa explained it all, but did you know that Nick Jr.’s plucky, young anthropomorphic quintet may have also inspired the Cowboys and Aliens movie***?

Backyardigans - Cowboys & Aliens
Image via my flickr.

Way back in The Backyardigans episode Ranch Hands From Outer Space (Season 3, Episode 14 for anyone who cares) a cowgirl hippo meets up with an alien penguin and pink bug-thing.

Spoiler Alert!

Sadly, there is no shooting of UFOs in this episode. After a series of comedic mishaps the Cowboy (yellow hippo) and Aliens (blue penguin and pink bug-thing) sing, dance, and have a snack.

Singing Dancing Cowboys and Aliens
Image via my flickr.

If, like me, you have kids between the ages of 1 and 8 (or if you’re really weird) you may have seen this episode before. If not, don’t worry. Nick Jr. has the annoying habit of playing the same episode of a show every day for weeks on end—it’ll turn up eventually. For the impatient types, go to Netflix and you can even stream it on demand.

Have you noticed the recent trend of ripping off resurrecting old ideas for TV shows and movies? Which ones in particular have caught your attention? Sound off in the comments below.

***Props to Lynette for bringing this one to my attention!

Napoleon Dynamite to Return with More Delicious Bass

Writer/director Jared Hess is bringing his 2004 cult-classic, Napoleon Dynamite, to the silver screen and giving it an animated paint job.

Usually, I don’t have much hope for movie-to-TV conversions. However, this show has two things going for it, bodaggit!

  1. The original cast is returning: Napoleon, Kip, Uncle Rico, and Pedro will be back.
  2. It’s on Fox: No one has a better track record with animated, primetime series than the studio that brought us The Simpsons and King of the Hill.

When the Napoleon Dynamite animated series airs sometime in 2012 will you be tuning in? Sound off in the comments below.

Seven Other Men with a Golden Voice

In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard of Ted Williams—not the legendary Red Sox slugger—the formerly homeless man with an amazing radio voice who rocketed to fame last month, you really need to check out the video below.

I know we’re only in February, but Ted’s journey from the streets back to the sound booth is already in contention for the feel good story 2011.

So, in honor of his status as the ”Man with the Golden Voice“ I propose to share my very own list of seven other men who possess a golden voice.

  1. Frank Sinatra

    My life in Agfacolor
    Photo by marcelo noah

    Old Blue Eyes had pipes that would have made Michael Bublé jealous. Just listen to 30 seconds of The Way You Look Tonight or Fly Me to the Moon and you’ll agree.

  2. Jim Dale
    Photo courtesy of my flickr 

    Dale enjoyed a long stage and film career before he came into the work he was born to do. For the last 12 years, he has been the faithful narrator of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series. These books are a wonderful read, but I submit that the experience is even sweeter when listening as Jim Dale voices the roles of Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore, and friends (and enemies). Currently, you can download Dale reading Potter for your iPod on iTunes.

  3. Casey Kasem
    Casey Kasem
    Photo courtesy of Alan Light 

    Zoinks! Casey Kasem lent his talents to portray the voracious, Shaggy—Scooby Doo’s sidekick. But, where Kasem’s talents shone through was as the host of American Top 40 which he hosted for about a quarter of a century. “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.”

  4. James Earl Jones
    James Earl Jones
    Photo courtesy of Glasgow Film Festival 

    Without James Earl Jones’ deep bass voice, Darth Vader is just some tallm leather-clad creep with in a helmet wearing an electronic chestplate. With the voice, however, he’s the Dark Lord of the Sith—merciless, ruthless, and absolutely devoted to the Dark Side. Whether he’s explaining the Circle of Life or walking off into the corn fields of Iowa with dead major leaguers, James’ voice lends gravitas to each of the characters he plays.

  5. Billy Mays
    Billy Mays Dies 1958-2009
    Photo courtesy of Nevada Tumbleweed 

    Billy Mays was the consummate As Seen on TV product pitchman. He was as known as much for his Al Borland style beard as he was for his permanent, CAPS LOCK ON ALL THE TIME voice. The man could sell sub-zero freezers in Antarctica.

  6. Don LaFontaine (AKA the Movie Trailer Guy)You might not know the name, but once you hear the voice you’ll instantly recognize him from hundreds of movie trailers, commercials, and voiceovers. It’s easy to see why LaFontaine was nicknamed “Thunder Throat” and even “The Voice of God” as, more often than not, the trailers he recorded were better than the actual movies they were promoting thanks to Don’s trademarked “In a world where …” delivery.
  7. Mel Blanc
    Mel Blanc
    Photo courtesy of Alan Light 

    For decades children and adults alike all over the world have been entertained by the likes of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Sylvester & Tweety Bird, Yosemite Sam, Foghorn Leghorn, Marvin the Martian, (and many, many more) all of whom were voiced by Mel Blanc—The Man with 1000 Voices.

In your opinion, who has a golden voice? Who did I miss? Sound off in the comments below.